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We are thrilled to kick off a special recognition program, recognizing the Rock Stars in our company who are abundant, generous, supportive, and collaborative to the entire community of consultants (regardless of whose team they are on). We will also be recognizing inspiring stories of perseverance, generosity, and accomplishment on this page regularly.

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Rock Star of the Week Gabriel Sedlak

Gabriel Sedlak Rodan Fields

Join me in congratulating the Rock Star of the week Gabriel Sedlak!

Please nominate a ROCK STAR who’s making a difference in your life, or the lives of others via the form on the right. And now, let’s CONGRATULATE this week’s rock star!

Gabriel Sedlak is a “hands-on dad” thanks to Rodan + Fields. This business has allowed him to be home with his sons, along with his wife Holley, whom he was able to retire from a corporate banking career! Gabe’s values are faith and family first…and the way he pours into his Rodan + Fields family is phenomenal too. Gabe’s influence and impact reaches beyond his personal team, as he makes it a priority to help all consultants to become successful via the inspiration he shares on calls, at meetings, and when you get to talk to him live. Thank you Gabe, for being an inspiration and changing lives in a meaningful way! The rock stars of Rodan + Fields say “YOU ROCK!”

Rock Star of the Week, Tracie Bonds

Tracie Bonds Rodan + Fields

Join us in congratulating Rock Star of the Week, Tracie Bonds!

Nominated by: Debbi Coder

Tracie exudes the spirit of “one team, with one mission to change skin, and lives!” Tracie goes above and beyond to support consultants on her team, and others who are not. She even fills in on the Power to Prosper Prayer Calls. She goes above and beyond mentoring the Rock Stars of Rodan + Fields!

(I second this nomination!) Let’s CONGRATULATE TRACIE!!!

Rock Star Of The Week, Debbi Coder

Debbi Coder Rodan + Fields

Join us in congratulating Rock Star of the Week, Debbi Coder!

Nominated by: Kim Oppenheim

Debbi is an amazing leader, and her team has experienced huge growth! Debbi has been an enthusiastic, encouraging leader who has been very generous in supporting all consultants in Rodan + Fields, regardless of whose team they are on through giving of her time on training calls, and at events!

Debbi’s story: Debbi Coder had dedicated the last 21 years to raising her four children when she first heard about Rodan + Fields through a friend’s Facebook post in 2012. Debbi’s friend, who Debbi met at the orphanage where they both adopted their children, was looking to expand her Rodan + Fields customer base. Debbi knew about Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and always wanted to try the products. To support her friend and also out of interest in the efficacy of the products, she became a customer, and after experiencing incredible results that left her skin glowing for days, she joined as an Independent Consultant. It didn’t take long for this entrepreneur to make her vision a reality. In just one and a half years working her business 20 to 25 hours a week, Debbi was promoted to Level V Executive Consultant and earned many rewards including a Level V Arrival Trip to California Wine Country and a new Starfire Pearl Lexus through the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program. She has promoted to the top of our pay plan as an RFX Achiever! Debbi hopes her two daughters, who joined as Independent Consultants in 2012, will eventually run the business some day. Meanwhile, the extra money she and her daughters earn allows them to make generous contributions to adoption support programs, a cause that’s important to them. “We know through our personal experience how expensive adoption can be, so it’s been wonderful to remove cost as a barrier for others seeking to adopt, ” says Debbi, who is eager to build a winning team and share the business opportunity with as many people as possible.

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